Healing from pain is a journey no one should have to walk alone

Eleah Hyatt


Eleah provides a broad range of counseling services to children, teenagers, families, and adults of all ages. She is passionate about creating a safe and and non-judgmental space where children, individuals, and families can recapture the joy stolen by early traumatic life experiences, crisis or a simple lack of connectedness with self and others.


Available on Tuesdays and Fridays • To request more information or to set up an appointment with Eleah, please call 615-646-9828.

To be human is to struggle. No one is immune to difficult seasons, challenging relationships, or unexpected crises. One of God's greatest gifts to us in the midst of pain is the gift of each other. We seek to walk beside you and offer support as you experience dark and confusing times.


Through the Bellevue Counseling ministry, we seek to come alongside you and offer support as you walk through the dark and confusing times you are facing. We're equipped to provide professional services that encourage your heart, mind, and spirit and help guide you toward experiences of hope.

Confidential counseling services are available for children, teens, adults, families, marital and pre-marital couples and are open to church members as well as those in our surrounding community.


If you are seeking out prayer and spiritual guidance, we are glad to direct you to our ministers and shepherds. They would love to meet with you and help you find the next best step to take in your life. Click here to view and contact someone from our church leadership.


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