Family Retreat

Make plans to attend our upcoming Family Retreat on March 27-29! This will be a great weekend for your family to grow closer together and develop a stronger faith!

Click the link below to register your family.

Our Mission

We believe God's plan for every person is to become like Jesus. Because of that, our church's mission is to know Christ more deeply and to show Christ more clearly. We want to give everyone the opportunity to respond to the good news of Jesus.

Come experience what Jesus has to offer. Join us this Sunday.

Latest Series

One of the buzzwords in churches today is the word gospel. It gets tacked onto everything: gospel churches, gospel movements, gospel initiatives, and gospel conferences. But what exactly is the gospel? What do we mean when we use that word? And why does it really even matter?

In this series of messages we're going to rediscover what the gospel actually means and how the gospel affects everything in our lives. We misunderstand and misuse words all the time, but the gospel is a word that's worth getting right.

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