Over fifty years ago the Bellevue community was little more than a few houses and a handful of two-lane roads. In 1966 the Braswell family began discussing the idea of starting a congregation of the Lord's Church in the Bellevue community.

The first public assembly of the Bellevue church of Christ was February 26, 1967 at an elementary school on Hicks Road. There were 117 present. Larimore Austin preached the first sermon, which was entitled "Encouragement from the Lord Jesus Christ".

Soon after, Marlin Connelly began serving as Bellevue's first full-time minister. Seven acres were purchased on Highway 70 and the first building was completed in 1969. The first assembly in the new building was April 13. By 1974 there were 343 people regularly worshipping together and in 1990 attendance had grown to 650.

Through the years the Bellevue church has reached out to the community through visitation, benevolence, and preschool ministries. We have a very active Bible education program. A tremendous amount of financial and personal support goes to foreign missions and domestic evangelism. The same spirit of God's Family that was present in 1967 is alive today.